#POS Accessories

Our #CashPOS Software that simplifies the way you do billing at your point of sale(POS). Instantly record sale & customer details and get powerful business insights.


Quickly glance at available stock Prevent shortage of stocks & raw material end-to-end tracing


Manage Stocks at Multiple
Locations and keep track of
inter warehouse transfer

Perfume Shop

Maximize your revenue dynamically managing Pricing & Promotion
across multiple channel

Book Store

Manange 100% error free inventory and get updated in real time stock balance across all outlets


Cosmetic Shop

Inetergrated finanacial Accounting Back Office Software provides you complete view of your business


Reduces human error that usually occurs during sales, purchase and stock transfer

Cube Shop

Appointment Scheduling features allow you to make reservations or bookings for customers

Pet Shop

Online features allow you to check your real time stock balance & sales by terminal

Trusted by our #Clients

  • Prompt to Auto Backup Database everyday

  • Data Synchronization between Server

  • Sync, Post Data from/to Terminals

  • Print Barcode in multiple size

  • Customization of Receipts/Bill

  • Support Multiple Outlet, Branches

  • Creation of category and groups

  • Unlimited menus, categories and products

  • Personnel password authentication

  • Biometric Time Attendance Feature

  • Select Item by Touch Menu

  • Cancel and void either item or bill

  • Print backdated bills on demand

  • End-of-day, sales and collections reporting

  • Assign Shortcut Key for faster access

  • Adjustable and Customizable Column

  • Appointment Scheduler help you to make booking

  • Multiple Shift Allowed for Cashiers

  • Cost Mapping Feature

  • Invisible Cost Feature to hide Cost

  • Weight Scale Integration

  • Supports English, Malay, Chinese Languages

  • Sale by product weight

  • Product search in menu in multiple criteria

  • Sale by item code or barcode

  • Authorize transaction cancellation

  • Adding sub-menu under main menu

  • Customize menu interface by change colors

  • Authorized discounts & preset discounts

  • Complete view of Insightful Dashboard

  • Customized Cancel Reason

  • Preset Sales Commission for staffs

  • Biometric Device Integration

  • Price Checker Software Utility

  • Multiple Shift for Cashiers

  • POS Help Shortcut Menu (F1) for Easy Access

  • Select Member, Salesperson right from POS Screen

  • Colorful Control Buttons for Transaction

  • Detailed Sales Listing by range to View, Edit and Re-Print

  • Receive Payments via cash, Card, Points, Voucher

  • Opening Cash with Denomination Entry

  • Detailed Closing Report with Shift Information

  • Cash In/Cash features to Emergency Purchase

  • Hold/Recall Sales

  • Print Invoice as Receipt, A4, A5, Half Page

  • Print DO directly from POS Screen

  • Print Shipping Label

  • Re-Print Receipts/Bill on Demand

  • Print Customized Remarks in Bill

  • Customize Receipt/Bill format

  • Adding Logo on your Receipt

  • Setting Header/Footer Custom Message on Receipt

  • Print Item Remark, Sales Person, Member on Receipt

  • Topup Member Credit

  • Topup Member Points

  • Create Members and Setup of personnel information

  • Imports/Export Member Information from/to Excel

  • Multiple Category for Members

  • Redeem Points/Credits for Payments

  • Assign Member Discounts by Category

  • Refund/Adjust Member Credit or Points

  • Define Unlimited Member Accounts

  • Setup Promotion for Item Discount, Bill Discount

  • Setup Promotion for PWP, Happy Hour

  • Setup Promotion Period by Date Range or Time

  • Setup Promotion by Discount or Cash

  • Setup Promotion by Based on Purchased Quantity

  • Bulk Import of Products from excel

  • Stock Adjustment to help to Adjust excess or shortage quantity

  • Stock Take feature used for Inventory Checking

  • Generate FIFO Costing

  • Customized Document Numbering

  • Auto Generate Barcode or Item Code

  • Allow/Disallow Negative Stock in Sales

  • Update Selling price with Percentage or Amount

  • Adding unlimited products

  • Adding unlimited units to products

  • Stock Reorder Level alert t when running out of stock

  • Inquiry - Audit Trail Report

  • Sales Report - Sales Commission Report

  • Sales Report - Sales Commission (Car)

  • Sales Report - Sales Commission (Saloon)

  • Sales Report - Sales Ledger Report

  • Sales Report - Sales Profit Report

  • Sales Report - Sales Summary Report

  • Sales Report - Sales Person Sales Report

  • Sales Report - Top Selling Items Report

  • Membership - Course Balance

  • Membership - Credit Balance

  • Membership - Course History

  • Membership - Credit History

  • Membership - Member Sales History

  • Membership - Points History

  • Membership - Top Up History

  • Time Attendance - Attendance History

  • Sales Report - Sales & Collection Report

  • Sales Report - Outlet Sales Report

  • Sales Report - Monthly Sales Report

  • Inquiry - Cash Transaction Report

  • Inquiry - Item Sales Report

  • Inquiry - Payment History Report

  • Inquiry - Sales History Report

  • Inquiry - Sales History Report (Online)

  • Inquiry - Void History Report

  • Sales Report - Cashier Sales Report

  • Sales Report - Category Sales Report

  • Sales Report - Daily Sales Report

  • Sales Report - Group Sales Report

  • Sales Report - Hourly Sales Report

  • Sales Report - Item Sales Report

  • Sales Report - Item Sales Report (By Quantity)

  • Sales Report - Item Sales Report (By Discount)

  • Sales Report - Member Sales Report

  • Sales Report - Modifier Sales Report

  • Time Attendance - Daily Attendance


#Sample Reports

Comprehensive Back #Office & Inventory


Point of Sale

CashPOS Point of Sale Software fast and accurate billing solution that keeps track of your customers purchase history


Inventory Management

Create Unlimited products with picture. Support multiple UOM enable to sale items by pieces, cartons, outers


Multiple Outlets

Centralized Stock Management allows you to maintain multiple location and transfer stock between branches digitally


Powerful Reporting

Depth analysys of your comprehensive finanacial and inventory reports to measure every aspect of business


Membership Management

Membership feature gives you the power to create loyalty programs that build customer points, gifts, vouchers


Multiple Payment

Supports multiple payment to receive payment from customer as Cash, Card, Vourhcer, Online Transfer and points


Users Management

Create multiple users assign them certain permission to protect valuable information revealed


Time Attendance

Built-in Time Attendance Control to keep an accurate and compliant record of employee with Finger Print Sensor

We have various packages to meet your #budget. We provide full featured software for lower cost to
serve you better.


  • HP/Dell Used PC x 1
  • Hand Barcode Scanner x 1
  • Receipt Printer x 1
  • Cash Drawer x 1
  • Customer Display x 1
  • Software License x 1


  • Touch Screen PC x 1
  • Hand Barcode Scanner x 1
  • Receipt Printer x 1
  • Cash Drawer x 1
  • Customer Display x 1
  • Software License x 1


  • Touch Screen PC x 1
  • Table Barcode Scanner x 1
  • Receipt Printer x 1
  • Cash Drawer x 1
  • Customer Display x 1
  • Software License x 1


  • Dual Display Touch PC x 1
  • Table Barcode Scanner x 1
  • Receipt Printer x 1
  • Cash Drawer x 1
  • Customer Display x 1
  • Software License x 1